Artist needed
Is your life a failure?
Do your parents see you as a mistake?
Have you ever dreamt of endless glory?
Then fear not,
We have a contest for you!

We desperately need a new logo for Riptide, our beloved search engine. My girlfriend promised me to draw a new one but she is a harpie, MANY WORDS, NO DEEDS.
- the word "Riptide" written somewhere, preferably Black Chancery font, but it doesn't matter after all
- the logo should be colorful (fruity orange, vivid blue, grass green, whatever)
- you can include your name or ask me to include it (that's the glory part!)
- flag of your country can be included
- I like water and animals, but you can come up with something original
- some sea stars won't ruin anything
- the larger the better, so I can adjust it to my needs
- any image type is accepted

- OR you can create whatever you want, because rules are meant to be broken
Winning conditions:
- every contribution is a winner! (yay, glory ensured)
- all logos will shown on our page (cycled every few hours or so)
- the best ones most frequently
- all logos will be shown on our facebook page
So don't hesitate and sign in!
Send your godlike creations to our only working mail address
(You can ask your girlfriend, if she truly loves you she will certainly help)
(we have currently some problems with our own mail server, so you will have to use our secondary one)
- you can send link to dropbox and such
- we will be happy to answer additional questions

this is gross